The new generation Point Guard build

  • Are you unsure of 2k23 mt the best NBA team to build your Point Guards? Once you've completed building your Point Guard build, you'll have to choose an NBA team to be drafted to in order in order to begin your MyCareer. Although you are free to go ahead and pick your favourite franchise in the event that you'd like but we have a few suggestions for you based on existing rosters and the best way to match them up:

    LA Lakers: Russel Westbrook is a solid player, but with a pretty low rating, you should be able of taking his spot in the starting lineup. Consider that you'll be playing with small forward Lebron James and Centre Anthony Davis in LA, thus there's a lot of upside in selecting one of the Lakers.Miami Heat: At 36-years-old The Heat's current forward Kyle Lowry is getting on a bit, meaning you'll be able take his place fairly easily.

    You'll be playing with Shooting Guard Tyler Herro and Small Forward Jimmy Butler, so will be able to aid and help in making a run for The playoffs.New Orleans Pelicans: With a generational talent Zion Williamson in the Power Forward position The Pelicans are an ideal fit for any young Point Guard Just throw the ball up and rack up the assists. It's nice that the current Point Guards on the roster, like Jose Alvarado, are pretty average and should be easy to get rid of.

    In the end, it's mt nba 2k23 entirely your decision which team you choose, but you'll want to consider the talent around you to help you maximise the progress you make and earn your Badges at the speed you can. As a point guard, you'll be seeking to score as many points and assist as you can, so make sure to keep these essential aspects in the forefront before deciding on your franchise.As most basketball enthusiasts are excited about the new season to come, for some of them this means they are awaiting the release of the latest Version of NBA 2K.

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