It's not a novel idea for players

  • The line-ups in WoTLK Classic Gold the beginning zones could be uncomfortable, but some seem to take this all with a smile. "All those people who are waiting patiently in the line to take down the boss in #WowClassic is the most polite thing I've witnessed in gaming, never," wrote Twitter user @Farore13.

    The lines that are long are affecting several WoW Classic servers which means there is no escape from the waiting. But your journey will certainly vary, and wait times will definitely diminish as players expand into Azeroth. In the end, WoW Classic was only recently released and a massive number of players rushing into tiny areas is likely.

    A stunning video shared on Reddit showcases what it appears like when hundreds of players join simultaneously. It's quite amazing to watch.

    World of Warcraft wotlk classic launch! The sheer volume of players is amazing! From R/wow

    It's not a novel idea for players in online-based games to stand in lines in game. You might remember that on the day of launch for the first The Division, people waited for hours to access the laptop.

    WoW Classic, as its name implies is a re-release version of WoW, the original MMO in 2004 with a few features that have been updated. It's available for free to current subscribers of WoW. For more details, visit P2Pah's comprehensive guide to all you must be aware of regarding WoW Classic.

    World of buy WoTLK Gold Warcraft wotlk classic is far by far the most popular game on Twitch on its official launch day on August 26 and the launch of WoW Classic certainly had a huge impact on this. The game had surpassed 1 million users on Twitch this morning it is more than more than other games. Soon after the servers were live, the game had 1.1 million streams. In contrast, the next closest game - Grand Theft Auto V -- had less than 150,000.