This is the first time that RuneScape will be accessible

  • As per the press OSRS gold release of Steamforged the Steamforged, gamers will "craft and upgrade equipment and characters, improve their skills, prepare special meals, interact with NPCs and test their abilities while exploring different parts of the globe". As with the online MMORPG, players are also likely to be able to complete side quests in order to enhance the game's world.

    The TTRPG will be comprised of an exquisitely illustrated and well-illustrated core book with all the information needed for players to play a RuneScape TTRPG. It will allow players to build their own characters as they set off for the lands of Gielinor to create "unique and exciting adventures". Additionally the TTRPG primary book comes "fully aligned with fifth edition ruleset of the world's most loved tabletop role playing game".

    This is the first time that RuneScape will be accessible without a digital platform It's something Jagex Chief Executive Officer Phil Mansell is excited about:

    "After more than 21 years exclusively accessible digitally, it's very exciting to be working with Steamforged to design and publish RuneScape adventures for role-playing to tabletop games...I am sure that RuneScape and old school RuneScape players will be excited to play with the miniatures they've been planning to use to create their own adventures."

    Of course, if you want to make the switch from tabletop video games to tabletop then Steamforged Games is the perfect partner to take the leap. The fan of board games has made several games from video into tabletops including Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil and Dark Souls. With the company at the helm of this latest RuneScape venture is  buy OSRS GP sure satisfy fans of old and new.