World of Warcraft players questing their way

  • As the wow tbc classic gold first expansion pack for World of Warcraft, expectations were sky high for The Burning Crusade. After investing hundreds of hours in their characters and their characters, players were eager get to the next adventure. Luckily, The Burning Crusade proved to be a worthy successor to the incredible MMO. There are numerous unforgettable moments to be had within the Outlands of The Burning Crusade, but these are some of the best.

    Making it through the Dark Portal for the first time was a major moment to WoW's history. WoW timeline. The journey from the Blasted Lands to the iconic landmark was an exciting experience on the day of launch, particularly when playing on a PvP server. Being in the same place with the Horde and Alliance at the same location at the same time rarely can be completed without some mischief. In the case of The Burning Crusade, this incident was aimed at preventing members of the other faction from crossing into Hellfire Peninsula by murdering them on their way up the ramp leading to the huge glowing portal. No matter if it was enjoyable or absolutely infuriating, that experience was certainly memorable. The other side of the portal wasn't that bad also.

    World of Warcraft players questing their way across the introductory zone were inevitably faced with a new type of enemy that was introduced in The Burning Crusade, the Fel Reaver. The huge machine would move across the landscape that would instantly kill those unfortunate enough to get its attention. Despite the fact that its hefty steps literally shaken the screen the Fel Reaver was shockingly sneaky and earned a reputation for shocking players at the worst of time. In contrast, Illidan Stormrage would be the ultimate villain of The expansion (and among the strongest characters in World of Warcraft) the Hellfire Reaver was an even larger threat for players of all levels.

    Another important moment that will be remembered by The Burning Crusade players came when replacing their favorite epic Buy wow tbc gold gear with less expensive greens. It was a bittersweet experience to upgrade the equipment you have could be the result of months worth of weekly raids and the random appearance of a green became the norm in expansions. It was initially implemented in The Burning Crusade. Even gear from Naxxramas, the final raid in the original game could not compete with the increased power of the initial The Burning Crusade quest rewards.