World of Warcraft wants you to agree to be friendly

  • Fresh Start realms are not just for wow tbc classic gold the wealthy. Fresh Start realms also come with certain terms, all of which are designed to stop people boosting:

    For at least 90 days, you will not be allowed to increase the character's stats in Fresh Start realms.

    For at least 90 days, Fresh Start realms will not be accessible for character transfers.

    Death Knights can't be created on these realms without a Level 55 character in that same realm.

    The entirety of WoW TBC Classic or Burning Crusade content will be accessible in these realms, while Northrend is blocked on all servers up until Wrath of the Lich King starts.

    "Ultimately we'd like to see players spread out into all the available realms when Wrath of the Lich King Classic approaches," writes Blizzard. "For players looking for an opportunity to achieve a balance between factions we're hopeful that through starting from scratch, they'll be given the chance to be balanced for a considerable time. For players looking for the chance to gain levels in dungeons, we're hoping that the presence of other leveling players makes that more likely."

    Wrath of the Lich King will certainly draw a lot curiosity: our own Fraser believes it was the final chapter of WoW's best times and that the game was never better than when it was reintroduced by Arthas. Blizzard isn't quite ready to date the expansion, but it's expected to do so in the coming months. We've got all we know about how the studio is returning to one of WoW's best eras.

    World of Warcraft wants you to agree to be friendly to other players through the introduction of social contracts.

    It was introduced in the PTR a couple of months ago and was finally implemented with patch 9.2.5 which debuted on the scene earlier in the week. "Azeroth is a living world full of people who are just like you - other players with different experiences, backgrounds, and stories who have joined forces to play World of Warcraft," the introduction of the contract reads. "Every player deserves to have an environment that they feel safe in, so please review our contract for social interaction."

    It's pretty normal to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold meet new people, be nice when playing dungeons, be polite and behave properly, maybe give a newbie struggling with a heal or assist in defeating enemies. The guide also covers some unacceptable behavior, including abuse of power, hate speech, and general verbal abuse towards other players.