Blizzard the studio that developed the game

  • In an interview with Syfy on behalf of his upcoming Netflix movie WoTLK Gold, Mute, that is being touted as less than a hit, Duncan Jones has been very candid about the troubling production. From the sounds of it the filming is extremely and contentious.

    "World of Warcraft was an unsettling political issue as the filmmaking process is concerned. And I think a lot of the rewriting in that, over the course of making the film, was extremely, very difficult and, at times, demoralizing" He says. "Just having to alter and compromise just due to the politics and the nature of the film. This was a heart-breaking experience. But I've benefited from it and I've become more mature and comfortable with these kinds of situations since I've had to go through it. However, back then it was quite traumatic."

    At the root of the problem, Jones believes, was chaos at the studio Legendary Pictures which was responsible for the production of World of Warcraft. "It was mostly studio politics. There was a lot of politics in the studio. Legendary had an incredibly turbulent period while we were developing World of Warcraft ," he says. "They were associated with Warner Bros. They quit Warner Bros. and joined Universal. They were sold to Wanda, this Chinese conglomerate. They were forced to lay off or replace a number of their producing personnel midway through our film."

    Jones adds to that the value of the World of Warcraft brand to Blizzard the studio that developed the game. "We were also working with Blizzard, who understandably were extremely concerned about what would happen in the film because their main business was the game World of Warcraft, which brought in billions of dollars annually for them," he explains. He admits that while the profits from the film would prove to "small potatoes" relative to what Blizzard makes from subscriptions to its WOW WoTLK Classic Gold game, they were very protective of its brand. "It was actually a very lively political scene," he says.