Lost Ark locks you to your initial class

  • Like always, head to the Lost Ark Gold category on Twitch(opens in new tab) and filter it according to Drops enabled to discover them fastest. I like scrolling down and finding streams that aren't as well-known. They could do with an extra perspective, however there are many other tags to guide you through the search.

    It is important to accumulate your four hours prior to you go to bed. Pixel Glasses promotion ends on the 18th of August, on Thursday.

    If you've earned a drop when you earn it, you'll see a notification on Twitch. (Notifications appear on the top of the screen on the screen, in between whispers as well as Prime Gaming Loot.) That'll guide you to your Twitch list of inventory, where you'll need to make a claim for the drop. Once that's done, it'll show up in game within 24 hours. Access it from the product inventory located next to your mail.

    Lost Ark Powerpass guide and how Knowledge Transfer works

    The Lost Ark Powerpass system is the way Smilegate developer is permitting you to play around with other classes.

    Lost Ark locks you to your initial class throughout the duration of Lost Ark Gold for sale The Powerpass allows you to quickly elevate the level of your secondary character to your highest level of your main character for nothing - so long as you meet the criteria.