Burning Crusade Classic's new patch is available

  • World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade Classic's new patch is available WoTLK Gold through the game's Public Test Realm, allowing players to try two new raids that are in the form of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep along with other features such as guild banks or an online group search tool.

    The beta version of patch 2.5.2 is also inexplicably missing an emote specifically the /spit one directed at other players. Since the launch of Blizzard's MMO players have been able to spit at other characters or players through a combination of targeting them and typing /spit. That no longer works in the latest PTR version, however players can still utilize the emote while on the ground.

    Blizzard has not made any comment on the new feature, but the emote can still be used in the current version of Burning Crusade Classic as well as the latest Shadowlands expansion, which has caused players to be confused as to why this change is taking place. According WoWhead, some players think it might be related to the players who use the emote in order to harass players who bought the digital deluxe edition for Burning Crusade Classic, a bundle of microtransactions that include a level boost buy WoTLK Gold and a new mount that was never available in the original versions of Burning Crusade.