Blizzard gives the workers the best chance

  • Now is the best time to establish expectations WoTLK Gold for Microsoft's management of the business, and plan to ensure Redmond is on the right track once the acquisition is concluded. Microsoft is required to create clear guidelines with consistent consequences for any misconduct, and a higher degree of transparency, and enable more diversity of voices within the various Activision Blizzard studios. While Activision is reportedly beginning to root out negative elements following the fact (and following the filing of a California state lawsuit) However, a change of the leadership could signal that such behavior will not be permitted in the first places.

    In the coming months when Microsoft as well as Activision Blizzard finalize the paperwork and go through the regulatory hurdles, more information is bound to come out. There's a good chance that we'll be hearing much more details on Bobby Kotick, who reportedly ignored the deplorable behavior of his company and was rewarded with a substantial settlement. Again, that will just cause a feeling of discomfort on a deeper level and we as people that have a love of the business should show our displeasure at the conduct and denounce it. However, when it happens it's important to to keep an eye on Kotick being and remaining completely wealthy was bound to happen regardless of any acquisition. Where our collective voice has more influence is encouraging those within Microsoft as well as Activision Blizzard striving to ensure that the conditions improve. There's no way to imagine a world in which Kotick might have any type of financial punishment, whatever his level of responsibility, but we can all help create an environment where Activision Blizzard's new leadership does not perpetuate the same type of recklessness and avoidance of any consequence.

    Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard gives the workers the best chance to enjoy a an improved working environment. If the removal of a CEO and who added another pile of bills to his already massive stack of cash is all will be required for this to happen, buy WoTLK Classic Gold will be worth it.