The Arcanist class that is coming to Lost Ark

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    Lost Ark - Arcanist Class Overview Unveiled

    The Arcanist Class will be coming to Lost Ark, Western Edition on the 20th of July. It's a magic class that is a card game and focuses on DPS. It's time to get one of those.

    The Arcanist class that is coming to Lost Ark, courtesy of Amazon Game Studios , imbues special cards with Magick and uses them for a wide variety of effects. From cutting up enemies by throwing a flurry of cards to summoning strong Magick and team effect using the cards The Arcanist has tricks up her sleeves for every scenario.

    The Arcanist's abilities are divided into three categories; Normal Ruin, Stacking, or Normal. Normal skills can be used to cause damage and build up the Specialty Meter.

    The other two types of abilities comprise Stacking & Ruin Lost Ark Gold for sale. With Stacking, successful attacks will accumulate up to four stacks on a target. When a Ruin skill lands it, it eats stacks that are built up on the object to create more damage and opens up opportunities for huge damage.