The fastest way to reach this area

  • Konar is one of the nine Slayer Masters of OSRS gold, however in what areas are they located and what rewards do the Slayer Masters offer, and what number of factors do you gain from completing their assignments? Slayer is one of the maximum a laugh and worthwhile talents in Old School Runescape because it requires players to travel throughout Gielinor and kill a hard and quick amount of monsters.

    To be given a assignment, gamers want to be a part of one of the 9 Slayer Masters scattered throughout the sport's global. There is a distinct grasp according to the fight stage There are some that offer particular benefits, and one in all them is Konar.

    Instead of just giving a monster a target to kill, Konar calls for gamers to travel to a certain area to do so, in their return they'll have a threat at getting their palms in Brimstone Keys. So, without more detail, let's try to find the exact location in which Konar is positioned and the way you could discover a few Brimstone Keys.

    In the map that is shown above Konar quo Maten is situated in the North-West area of the Zeah vicinity withinside the Kahlith agreement at the top of the mountain Karuulm. The arena map with a light cranium to illustrate their place as a Slayer Master. They can be seen in as a status following a chest.

    The fastest way to reach this area is by using the Rada's blessing Three or Four Teleport. If you are not sure if you longer have get right of entry to this take note of the fairy ring's code, c-ir or rubbing a Skills Necklace and then selecting for the Farming Guild teleport.

    The conditions for getting an assignment to slay from RuneScape gold Konar are a minimum fight stage of 75% and in addition, you must be a Konar member to gain right of entry for Zeah. Zeah continent. Remember, it's essential to be aware that you could pay for club via bonds via ways to earn from cash earned during sports.