Blizzard acknowledged at least one problem

  • The alpha will also let WoTLK Gold players try both large and small gameplay adjustments. Blizzard has confirmed that the only Dracthyr class available for now is the Evoker However, it may be able to support additional classes in the future. In other class news, the Alpha will also enable players to experience modifications in the Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Priest, and Rogue classes, which includes the newly designed talent trees. Additionally, players will find out about modifications to the Alchemy and Blacksmithing professions, such as new crafting stations and high-end equipment.

    If you've been approved for alpha access then your account has already been identified. It's then a it's a matter of selecting Dragonflight Alpha from the World of Warcraft game version menu, then allowing it to install and then pressing play.

    If you are looking to see what the Alpha looks like, look over our P2Pah WoW: Dragonflight preview by Cameron Koch. He states that the expansion "has me excited to play WoW at a new level, which is something I've not felt for a longer time."

    World of Warcraft : Battle For Azeroth Is Live, But Server Login Problems Are Recurring

    New update Blizzard is officially launching Battle for Azeroth, and you might be able to enjoy the new WoW content today. However, if you're not already signed in to the game, you might having trouble logging in. Users report issues getting online. We here at P2Pah have been stuck at the "logging into the game server" screen (pictured below) While other players are logging in only to be unable to access their accounts. That's presumably just a hiccup as Blizzard's servers get flooded with players trying to connect on the internet, however it's nonetheless a frightening prospect to face.

    Blizzard acknowledged at least one problem, saying in its support for customers Twitter account "We're currently investigating a problem which affects our authentication buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold servers which can result in unsuccessful or slow login attempts." It's not known how long it will take for this issue to be solved, but you might not want to rest on your laurels at the moment. The original story is as follows.