The two games will begin play in 2022

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    Popular and long-running online Role-Play video game franchise RuneScape is now available for tabletop gaming through two brand new games launching later this year. The developer of video games and the publisher of RuneScape, Jagex, has teamed up with tabletop-gaming powerhouse Steamforged Games to create both tablestop roleplaying game core book inspired by the rich fantasy universe of Gielinor.

    The two games will begin play in 2022 in the form of a board game, with the game debuting on Kickstarter and the TTRPG heading straight to stores. The games will draw on stories, characters and locales from the RuneScape's 21-year long history, with the board game taking one to five players on quest-based games through Gielinor.

    They'll make and improve their equipment, improve their character as well as cook unique recipes. They will also interact with NPCs, and test their talents while traveling through different parts across the globe, and with many exciting side quests to keep them busy and amuse them along the route.

    The TTRPG will comprise a stunningly illustrated, hardback, core book that includes rules for players to play a RuneScape tabletop game of roleplaying, in which they can build the characters of their choice, discover Gielinor as well as create original and thrilling quests. The TTRPG base book is totally compatible with rules of fifth edition of the tabletop game that plays cheap RS gold.