The minimum level required for taking on Nex are 70 ranged

  • This morning (January 5,) Nex is unleashed on OSRS gold after 90 percent of the players voted to approve the update. Players can now team together in clans with up to 80 players to fight the boss. Based on the information, Nex will also allow players to battled solo in a private battle. The instances are unlockable after completing the Hard Combat Achievements tier, following which you can purchase an account to get 150,000 GP for each entry. The higher Combat Achievement tiers lower this cost.

    In Nex, which is located in the Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon, Nex can only be explored once those who have played the game have completed the Desert Treasure quest and a mini-quest that unlocks an access point called the Frozen Door. This iced-up access point has existed since the Dungeon was first opened, but it has not been opened, up to now! In the Prison they must thrash the formidable force (featuring Spiritual Warriors, Mages, Rangers, and Blood Reavers) before they can reach Nex her.

    The challenge of defeating Nex can earn players valuable rewards like an Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow as well as the legendary Torva armour set , and many more. Every player who participates in the match will be able to acquire an exclusive item and the top performers winning more valuable items.

    The minimum level required for taking on Nex are 70 ranged, 70 Strength 70 Agility Cheap RuneScape gold. The current version of Nex does not allow players to use Monster Examine on Nex. If they attempt to do this then a message will pop up on the game's chat screen that says "You cannot access the stats of your character".