In a new conversation with 4Gamer

  • What are your thoughts on the music from D2R Items? Do you agree with Post Malone that it only intensifies the stress that is felt during boss battles? Square Enix claims that HD-2D Style is Pretty ExpensiveOver the last few years.

    Square Enix's HD-2D games have gotten a lot of positive appreciation from gamers. Games like Octopath traveler and Triangle Strategy have really captured the attention of retro enthusiasts because of their distinctive style of art.

    In a new conversation with 4Gamer (translated via Nintendo Everything), Triangle Strategy producer Tomoya Asano spoke about the design style and the manner in which it's being utilized for future games developed by the company. As the interviewer expressed dismay at the lack of indie games that have adopted the style, Asano revealed the reason is that it's a bit expensive!

    "It's probably worth noting that it's cost is higher than you'd think. In that respect, it's an excellent fit to the titles coming from Square Enix. There might not be much to gain from the other companies who copy it," Asano told 4gamer.Fortunately it's not stopping Square Enix from releasing more games in this style.

    Remakes of Live a Live is set to launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch in July, while a remake of Dragon Quest III is currently working on. There are several other games that could benefit from the style, as well. It will certainly be fascinating to see exactly what Square Enix does with HD-2D next. Although the company has certainly put money into this graphic style, Buy D2R items Xbox went on to declare that there isn't a currently a "definitive bible," and it will continue to change in each new game.