The reasons for this could be different to everyone

  • The reasons for this could be different to everyone. In real life our objectives are usually quite long-term and feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is not very often. For your mental health it is beneficial to have some short term objectives that allow you to feel that you're on the right track. For instance, getting your bedroom ready, exercising making a great dinner or cooking a delicious meal. I'm convinced that OSRS gold integrates perfectly into the system and makes you feel like you are always on the right track and progressing, even at times when you might not be making any progress in the in the outside world - aka dopamine baby.

    I love that it can be intense or mindless depending on what I'm doing. I'm not very good at PVP so bosses are generally enjoyable. Slayer is mindless , etc. depending on my mood the moment.

    So? Rs3 is extremely non-afk. EoC combat made it more time-consuming even with DXP. In addition, there are more skills to the max and the 120s that come with grinding that scale. With that in mind, you'll need to grind 50 million more in DXP for a particular skill. The weekends encourage people to compete, since they're typically huge social events. I'll never forget having 99 herblore in RS3.

    I loved RuneScape when I was in elementary school. Some time ago, I saw a picture of a zerker & looked up RuneScape, saw how much it had changed, and decided to give up on the idea of returning. I talked to a friend playing PlayStation about it and the latter mentioned a reboot in 2007 of the game. I gave up everything I was playing, and have been completely absorbed ever since.

    Why do I continue to play it? Because this game is so important to me. What I accomplish in game vs any other game feels different. It's like I'm getting things off my bucket list through achieving things I've always wanted. I'm proud of my gaming achievements close to my real-life achievements since both require just as much time. If OSRS undergoes any massive modifications to its game, this will likely be the case for me. I'll likely install private servers for my personal offline play , and then nerf the XP rates, so it's as slow and it restarts.

    The nostalgia of the past, long-term goals that you can generally make progress towards, smaller communities, and it's one of the few games that doesn't require reliable or high-speed internet connection to play other than some high-level content, and on the top of that, games updates don't take hours to start playing even with slow internet connections.

    The small need for internet speed and stability are the main reasons I started and am still Buy OSRS gold since it's my only game that I can access and play any time of day. There are games that require massive updates. It can take me a while to occasionally up to a day to download the update due to my low internet connection.