Expectations were sky high for The WotLK Classic

  • As the first expansion pack for World of Warcraft, expectations were sky high for The WoTLK Gold. After spending hundreds of hours in their characters they were eager to go on to the next adventure. Luckily, The WotLK Classic proved to be an appropriate successor to the phenomenal MMO. There were many memorable moments to be found in the Outlands of The WotLK Classic, but they are among the most memorable.

    Making it through the Dark Portal for the first time was an incredible event in the WoW timeline. The journey through the Blasted Lands to the iconic landmark was an entire adventure on launch day, especially when playing on a PvP server. Being able to have the Horde and Alliance at the same location at the same moment rarely is without some kind of confusion. In the case of The WotLK Classic, this trouble was to block players from the opposing faction from crossing over into Hellfire Peninsula by murdering them in the process of climbing the ramp to the massive glowing portal. It was either fun, or completely frightful, that journey was definitely memorable. The other aspect of the portal was not bad neither.

    World of Warcraft players questing through the initial zone were immediately presented to a different kind of foe that was introduced in The WotLK Classic, the Fel Reaver. The huge machine would move through the countryside with the intention of causing instant death to anyone unfortunate enough to draw its attention. Despite the fact that its heavy footfalls literally shook the screen, the Fel Reaver was shockingly sneaky and was known as a sleuth who threw players off at the most unimaginable time. Even though Illidan Stormrage would be the main villain in the game's expansion (and an extremely powerful character from World of Warcraft) the Hellfire Reaver was an even more terrifying threat to players of all levels.

    Another memorable moment for The WotLK Classic players came when replacing their favorite epic gear with lowly greens. The bittersweet feeling of upgrading a piece of gear that could have been the result of months of weekly raids and an uncommon random green was the norm for expansions, and was first implemented within The WotLK Classic. Even the gear from Naxxramas as the final battle in the original game was no match for the increased power of the early The WotLK Classic quest rewards.

    Reaching World of Warcraft's latest maximum mark of 70 is an achievement and obtaining an air-borne mount was an even greater one. Nowadays, flying mounts are the preferred method of moving around in World of Warcraft, but they were unheard of in The WotLK Classic. At first, this type mount was only accessible in the Outlands, and cost a rather large sum. In order to get one, you had to do some effort and the first time that the winged beast flew up into the air made it worth the cost.

    WoW players who were looking to make a new start, or to break away from their daily grind could choose to rolling new characters as two new races were added in the games. The blue-skinned Draenei, who was a space fairy, sided with the Alliance, while the Horde was bolstered by the introduction of the magically addicted Blood Elves. In the midst of years playing as the same race from start to finish or walking by these new players were an amazing moment. Both races were a blast to play. However, the Blood Elves had access to the most popular song from The WotLK Classic.

    These are unforgettable moment in WoW's history however, players are likely to look forward to seeing in the near future. This year's Wrath of the Lich King Classic will allegedly be announced on the weekend of BlizzConline in Vancouver, and information for it is already out there. There's no doubt that players have fond memories from the first run-through, or have completely forgotten about it fans can look forward to returning in the Outlands and the Outlands of The cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold.