SODLK accompany you on your voyage

  • SODLK is a typical example of a Bluetooth speaker. It adheres to the basic principles and does well. This rugged portable speaker is very simple to use and has a good sound. It can be paired with other speakers of different models at the same time to form a huge sound wall.


    You can't find additional features like voice assistant or Wi-Fi connection, but SODLK sounds great and you won't miss them. We found that its warm and balanced audio performance is far more powerful than this size of speaker expected. Although we think the treble may sound a little harsh at a higher volume, you will get enough clarity and detail. Whether bass speakers or tweeters, they can present excellent sound quality.


    The 12 hours of battery life and waterproof and dustproof performance make it an ideal speaker for swimming pools or beaches. Some speakers of other models can be used as a charging bank to give you a sense of security when you go out.


    This is an ideal speaker. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can simply play music, turn up the volume, and sit down and enjoy music.

    We found that it's clear audio performance and 360 degrees sound field make it an ideal choice for small party soundtracking. The perfect balance between bass, midrange, and treble means that compared with many Bluetooth speakers, it's like listening to our favorite songs for the first time. Music is exciting, powerful, and full of vitality, but it will not overload the bass, nor push the treble too high so that it loses its sense of reality. This is exactly what you expect from SODLK, which is definitely the most suitable small portable loudspeaker for hardcore music lovers.