NBA 2K23 How To Unlock The Penthouse Apartment


    Twitter user Christian Antonio showcased one of these funny glitches that they discovered in NBA 2K23. In a cutscene referring to shot effectiveness the NPC giving advice has unique ways of taking players' game up to the next level. Nothing NBA 2K23 MT.

    The planned line of dialogue is not able to load, and the NPC is left to stare at the player in a smug way for five whole seconds in silence. What is funny about this moment is that the character's dialogue does load, responding by saying "oh I've have you covered," before disappearing from the room.

    While this is not confirmed to be a glitch it certainly seems odd enough to warrant being considered one. The glitch does not appear to be game-breaking, however, it falls into a class as the bug that causes Baldur's Gate 3.

    Also, it is possible the player's response is determined by the performance of the player and If no improvement is required according to the game it is not said. It's not clear how widespread the potential silence problem is among all copies of NBA 2K23.

    NBA 2K23 is still early in its release and minor glitches such as this can be expected. With the amount of work they have put into NBA 2K23 with features like cross-gen development, the bug will likely be remedied through an update.

    There may be a chance that the event remains in the game, particularly if it is only triggered through certain gameplay conditions. The entire sequence is completely unexpected and could become a fun easter egg to those who can trigger it.

    NBA 2K23 How To Unlock The Penthouse Apartment

    New generation console gamers can unlock the penthouses in NBA 2K23 by earning MVP points. The game has many opportunities to collect these points. NBA 2K23 is the latest installment in the NBA 2K series NBA 2K MT, and it comes with new features as well as some gameplay improvements that set it apart from its predecessors.