Akinfenwa's strength rating on FIFA 23 is a ludicrous 97

  • As is always the case for Rom, his strength stat leads the way because his most noteworthy feature with a rating of 95 on front. Throw in 87 shot power, 86 positioning, 84 completing, 84 responses FIFA 23 coins, 84 sprint speed, and a bulky 6'3" frame, and you've got a striker who will run riot and bulldoze opposing defenders on his way into grabbing you a lot of goals.Premier League newcomers Aston Villa made waves this summer with the absolute variety of new signings that they created, and Brazilian forward Wesley has become a favorite of several Villa fans.

    In addition to some 95 strength score on the sport, the 22-year-old has a constant 83 for aggression, 84 shooter power, 83 sprint rate, and 80 ball control. While a number of these others featured on this list might only have a fantastic strength stat, Wesley is a really decent general package -- as represented by his 79 total rating. With age certainly on his side, the former Club Brugge participant is only going to get better as you progress through Career Mode.

    After becoming a cult icon of sorts due to his mythical FIFA strength stats, Adebayo Akinfenwa again tops the list in regards to FIFA 23's most powerful players.He will now be 37 years old, however the Wycombe Wanderers striker is still a complete and utter powerhouse who loves nothing more than to bully defenders with his hulking frame. While his other stats are nothing to write home about, Akinfenwa's strength rating on FIFA 23 is a ludicrous 97. Away from his legendary strength that plays into the forward's Beast Mode schtick, the following greatest stats of Akinfenwa's are 72 heading, 71 balance, and 70 taken ability. Aside from those, every other one of those player's stats are below 70 -- that only serves to make his strength even more of a standout.

    With FIFA 23 now upon us, gamers and soccer fans are all eagerly chomping at the bit to research this newest installment in the legendary FIFA franchise and see what new features are added, what visual alterations have happened, which players are given enhanced stats for this most current FIFA offering buy FUT 23 coins.Now whilst pace and strength are two attributes that lots of players instantly look for as they start to build a team capable of dominating Career Mode or in Ultimate Team, one other crucial attribute for the majority of players is finding some attacking options using top level dribbling stats.