After delving through the abundant teams and players of FIFA 23

  • It is that time of the year that all FIFA fans are awaiting, since the newest installment from the legendary franchise - FIFA 23 - is now upon us. Whatever type of drama or strategy you prefer to your FIFA play FIFA 23 coins, one thing which has become increasingly vital lately is that you need some players that will hold their own in the challenge and will not physically be as successful as a small child - here's looking at you, Mesut Ozil! - when confronted by a rival. To some, speed is the attribute on FIFA. It's about technique and management. Now while the two of those things are key, they are nothing with no power to up them. And that's what is going to be showcased here.

    After delving through the abundant teams and players of FIFA 23, there's currently a collection of the ten strongest players in this new launch. And by powerful, that literally means the'strength' feature - a characteristic that may make the difference between controlling the resistance or being discriminated off the park.While Celtic dominate the SPL and Rangers look to finally challenge their longtime rivals once more, it's really Hearts who have the strongest player in Scottish soccer. And not just that, but striker Uche Ikpeazu is one of the players at FIFA 23.

    And with responses in the 45 and his ending at just 63, Ikpeazu isn't the most clinical when it comes to FIFA 23's striking choices. Still, for bullying SPL defences, Uche Ikpeazu perfectly fits the bill with his strength number that is astonishing.

    To examine the typical stats of La Berrichonne's Issa Marega, it immediately strikes you that this is a player whose only important feature is his power. Clocking in at an overall 65 rating, the averages for the Frenchman's speed are 43, his shooting is 53, his departure is 53, his dribbling is 53, his defending is 62... along with his bodily figures average out at 80! Pulling on that physical detail up is a huge 94 evaluation for advantage. Regrettably for the 6'5" Ligue 2 player, the rest of his numbers do not come anywhere even close to fitting that strength stat.

    Bar a 70 for endurance, the rest of Marega's key defensive characteristics languish in the 50s and 60s -- along with the defensive midfielder is not helped out by a sprint rate of just 37. To be fair, Issa Marega is still only 21 decades of age, so there is always the possibility that he may see big advancements as Career Mode plays out. For Ultimate Team, however, the Porto youth merchandise is definitely a player to maneuver clear of cheap FUT 23 coins.While many may remember his unsatisfactory spells at Liverpool and Sunderland, Sebastian Coates has gone on to develop into a very good guardian since going to Sporting Lisbon in 2016.