Work on an HD rendition of Old School Runescape


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    Runescape producer Jagex has put a stop the development of Runelite HD, a fan-made HD mod of the famous online client, which is an open-source project for Old School Runescape, just as the project was preparing to launch on Monday. This decision, made in the last minute, has Runescape fans expressing anger over Jagex's decision . They've also said they'll move to other MMOs.

    Runelite HD Developer "117" posted on Reddit Tuesday sharing a message he had received from Jagex and was later verified by Jagex in its blog article. Runelite HD operates as a plugin that will provide an extensive visual overhaul of the base Runescape which can be seen by 117's Twitter. The modder added that they've spent about 2500 hours in the past two years working on Runelite HD.

    "Yesterday we contacted the developers of known HD projects, and we asked them to stop working on their projects because it is a subject we are actively investigating," Jagex stated. Jagex informed 117 that the company's work on an HD rendition of Old School Runescape was "still relatively early in the exploration phases" however "very still in the process."

    "Naturally this means that any fan-led project which seeks to change the way Old School RuneScape appears will be contrary to our goals," Jagex wrote to 117. "We believe it's vital that there be a consistent look in the way that Old School appears, and so we want to be sure that our changes to the official version will be the only ones we have available.

    We hope that the news is that Jagex and his Old School team are tackling this issue with determination is something that excites you even though it may indicate that we have to politely ask you shut down your own personal project."

    117 declared that they were offering Jagex an option in the form of dropping their project once Jagex had released theirs, and giving Jagex "collaborative management" over Runelite HD's visual design osrs accounts.