It also shut down all schools runescapr

  • The moment players like Corne as well as Mobley returned for RuneScape with the appetites and purses of adulthood The game's black market increased. The players still reported the existence of Chinese gold producers OSRS Gold, but there were others profiting off the revival of RuneScape: Venezuelans like Marinez.

    On March 12 of 2020, Marinez began to apply in a police academy located in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela and pursue an employment in law enforcement. The next day following, the Venezuelan government announced its first two COVID-19 cases.

    It also shut down all schools, shut down the borders between Venezuela and other countries and put six states and Caracas under quarantine. Marinez was left stranded on the road and then sheltered at his uncle's home in a city a little more than 50 miles away of the capital.

    Two months later, Marinez came back to Maracaibo, "without any money in my pockets," he said. He tried to find work but couldn't find any in the job market that was destroyed by the pandemic, and a long-running economic downturn.

    Ten years ago, Venezuela, a petrostate under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, witnessed a slump in the price of oil. in 2017, the cost for a barrel plunged to almost $50 from a peak of more than $100, and the U.S. instituted wide-ranging sanctions against Venezuela's authoritarian government.

    "When oil prices started to fall, there was no more money to import products," said Alejandro Velasco who is a professor of New York University who specializes in Venezuelan politics, during an interview on the phone. "As the result that there was not enough money in the real world to keep the economy going."

    Venezuela's budget was already depleted after the country spent its most recent oil cashflow for social programs such as subsidised food, medical services, as well as literacy programmes cheap runescape accounts. Chavez has also expelled perceived dissenters from the oil industry after an attempted coup d'état, which affected production.