The government then shut down runescape


    In the years when players like Corne as well as Mobley came back in RuneScape with the appetites and wallets of adulthood The game's black market grew. The players still reported the existence of Chinese gold miners OSRS Gold, however, there were others profiting off the revival in RuneScape's popularity: Venezuelans like Marinez.

    On March 12 20th, 2020 Marinez set out to enroll at a police academy in Caracas the capital city of Venezuela and to pursue a career in law enforcement. The next day after, the Venezuelan government announced the first two COVID-19 cases.

    The government then shut down all schools and closed all borders between Venezuela and other countries and placed six states as well as Caracas in quarantine. Marinez was trapped in the middle of the highway and was confined to his uncle's house in a city 50 miles from Caracas' capital.

    In the space of two weeks, Marinez came back to Maracaibo, "without any money in my pockets," he said. He tried to find work but couldn't find any in a job market demolished by the pandemic and a ten-year economic recession.

    Ten years prior, Venezuela, a petrostate under the administration of Hugo Chavez buy osrs account cheap, witnessed a slump in the price of oil. in 2017, the price of a barrel fell to close to $50 from a peak that was more than $100 as well as it was the year that U.S. instituted wide-ranging sanctions against Venezuela's dictatorial government.