Diablo 4 does everything you would want from a remaster

  • Diablo 4 didn't get me addicted like the original

    Like many people playing video games around the turn of the millennium, my brain was hooked to Diablo 2. I spent all my free time playing the dungeon-crawler hoping to get more loot Diablo 4 Gold. That's why I was so excited at the time Diablo 4 was announced at BlizzCon 2021 in February. It promised to deliver the same classic Diablo experience but with a new coat of paint as well as quality of life improvements. Though the game delivered the promised quality when it launched the previous Tuesday evening, it didn't exactly capture my attention the way the original version did all those years ago.

    Diablo 4 does everything you would want from a remaster. It's better looking and playing than the original. However, it's not enough for a player who was bored of Diablo 2 20 years ago.

    I played Diablo 4 on PC, consoles, and even on playing on the Nintendo Switch, and each version looked great in comparison to the original. I know this because the game has an option to switch between the new graphics as well as the original.

    While the visual improvement doesn't have the GPU melting power however, it's just the right amount to give you that nostalgic feeling. You want to believe that this is how the game played back in 2000 on a Pentium II computer that had the 15-inch CRT display. It's a real-world test. These old graphics haven't been well-worn out. However, they were still good enough in the day.

    Then comes the improvements in the quality of life for the buttons. Much like the visuals, it's easy to forget how monotonous the controls were back in earlier days. The new controls are more intuitive and function as well when using a controller like they would with a keyboard and mouse. Even with all these enhancements I didn't have the desire to spend time playing Diablo 4 for more than an hour at a time.

    When it first came out, the original Diablo 2 had a unique appeal. It was thrilling to play the game, only to find that once you were on a higher difficulty level you got a whole mess of new gear, making everything you'd previously had look like complete rubbish buy Diablo 4 Gold. The game's purpose went from trying to stop Diablo to getting the most amazing loot you can get. The necessity to search for more powerful gear has become an essential element in the subsequent games that it's lost its appeal to me.