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  • Madden 23 features are focused on FieldSense

    With Madden 23 in its third season for the PS5 and XBox Series X Mut 23 coins, bosses at EA have been clear about the direction that their lineup of sports games is heading. It's not exclusively Ultimate Team. The publisher says that going forward, team-mate and adversary intelligence is going to be the main focus on the field.

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    "A.I. is extremely well-equipped to be the technology that defines this generation of console," EA Sports vice president Sean Ramjagsingh tells Fortune (opens in a new tab). "The more computing power that comes with the new consoles opens up additional capabilities for us from a growth perspective. In addition, what's happening with the capturing of real-world data as well as the ways that data is being used to drive different technologies, there's many opportunities for us in the future."

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    In this regard, FieldSense serves as Madden 23's major new on-field goal. It's a mechanic deployed across defense, offense in special-teams. For instance, QBs have an aiming device and passing meter, while running backs can deploy true 360-degree cuts and instant changes of direction. On D offensive tackles, gang tackles have returned in the NFL, and there's more realism to CB vs WR contests on the field of the line of scrimmage. Theoretically, at least.

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    We talked about the game's new gameplay features with senior producer Mike Mahar in GR's Madden 23 preview. Do you want to see what it's like buy madden 23 coins? Then zip over to our Madden 23 hands-on instead.