Simply go up to just the Edge of the Island which

  • To get Outlaw Island Token in Lost Ark is similar to obtaining tokens on other Islands Lost Ark Gold. On this Island also you have to open the chests several times to collect the island Token.

    It is a tiny Island , and the likelihood of getting Island Tokens Island Token early on is rather rare.

    If you find yourself on this island you are advised to be quick and try to reach this Island on your own when there are no other players are heading towards it. The reason for this is that the island is so small and you're bound to be the victim of the attacks of other players.

    The only Mokoko seed you will discover in this Island. Finding this Mokoko Seed is one of the easiest jobs that you have done in Lost Ark.

    Simply go up to just the Edge of the Island which is sharper in comparison to the corners on the opposite side and you'll find the Mokoko Seed there. Even if you don't reach the spot first try, you can examine all sides of the Island in no time due to its small dimensions.

    Lost Ark - "Where It Belongs" Una's Task Walkthrough

    The game Lost Ark, one of the activities that you can do daily or weekly that you must complete once you've reached the end game's level 50 can be found in the "Una's Task. You can pick any of the three dailies in Una's Task available from the Adventure tab located at the bottom right of your screen, or using Alt+J. But, one thing to keep in mind is to select ones that will reward you with Leapstones for upgrading gears. One of the most highly recommended Una's Tasks to get those Stones can be found in The "Where it belongs" quest best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. This is a brief overview of how you can finish this quest "Where It Belongs" Quest from Una's Task in Lost Ark.