NBA 2K23's Glitched Series Includes Three New Dark Matter Units

  • Bail Out - The passing out of a jump shot or layup is a better option to avoid incorrect passes than regular Nba 2k23 mt. It also aids in passing out on double teams NBA 2k23. Bullet Passer - Accelerates the speed at which players get possession of the ball as well as the speed of passing.

    Clamps - Defenders are able to more efficient cut-off techniques and are more successful when they are bumping or riding hips with the ball's handler. Rim Protector improves the ability of the player to block shots, decreases the chance of being dropped, and opens special block animations.

    Worm - When boxed out, rebounders have more success at swimming around and finding the perfect rebound position. At-risk players struggle to shoot in the face of players wearing this badge. It also boosts shot defense ratings when tightly blocking an opponent.

    Finding the best combination of badges will depend on the player's physique and style. However, combining the use of these badges should give the player the greatest possible chance to dominate playing on the courts in NBA 2k23.

    NBA 2K23's Glitched Series Includes Three New Dark Matter Units

    NBA 2K23 is the first game in a new series called Glitchedthat features players from NBA's past and current greats with the addition of having their statistics boosted buy nba 2k23 mt coins. There is only one remaining series on the schedule of the NBA Playoffs.