Tyreek Hill was one of the top wide receivers in Madden 23

  • Stefon Diggs is one of the top wide receivers in the NFL However, I don't think he's receive enough attention. Since joining Buffalo in 2020. Diggs has not only put up career-best numbers, but some of the best figures in the NFL. In 2020. he was the top player in by a wide margin in receiving (127) and distance (1.535). He also added eight touchdowns. His numbers slowed a bit last season, however, he recorded 103 catches for 1225 yards with 10 touchdowns with Mut 23 coins.

    Diggs might not be as flashy as some of his fellow wide receivers in this list, but he's one of top route-runners across the country and has fantastic hands. He is able to make himself available and offer Allen a safety net in the event that the play begins to fall apart. Diggs actually began Madden 22. with a 97-97 rating, but was dropped to a 95 by in the Super Bowl week. A large part of the reason may have had to do with how many weapons the Bills have on offense and getting him to the ball was becoming more difficult.

    Josh Allen's top target , and also the best wide receiver of the squad. In his third season with the Bills There's nothing to think that Diggs will drop off. I have him returning as one of the top five wide receivers in Madden 23 with a 96 overall.

    In the past, former Kansas City Chiefs playmaker Tyreek Hill is as explosive as they come. In the six seasons he's played within the NFL, Hill has only received more than 100 yards in one; however Hill has exceeded the 1.000 yards milestone in all four of them. It was in the last season. Hill started the year with an overall rating of 98 but fell to a 96 overall by the Super Bowl. How could he put up his highest career receptions, with more than 1.000 yards and decline in overall?

    While he finished fourth in the NFL in receptions, the rating is probably due to the yardage per reception. The last time he played, he averaged less than 11.2 yards per catch. It was which was the least since his rookie season. In order to put this in perspective, in 2020. he was averaging 14.7 YPC. In 2019 his average was 14.8. He also only had 9 touchdown receptions that is a bit less than his career average.

    It will be fascinating as to what transpires to Tyreek Hill now that he's signed by the Miami Dolphins. I think that we can all be in agreement that Tua Tagovailoa is not in the same league as Patrick Mahomes, but what is what makes Hill different is his capacity to make major plays using his legs after the catch. If Tua can bring him the ball promptly, Hill can use his speed to cut the play open.

    Tyreek Hill was one of the top wide receivers in Madden 23 coins and had an 89 Speed rating. In spite of his overall performance his overall performance, he maintained his perfect Speed rating. I believe he is maintaining his Speed but his overall sees little change due to the uncertainty around his new team. Even with Jaylen Waddle on the opposite side the team could provide new opportunities for Hill.