Guide to the 2022 birthday event in Old School Runescape

  • With the ninth anniversary of RS Gold coming up on February 22 the developer Jagex has planned an event that focuses on the long-running version. Most notably, however, Jagex held on the desert city of Al-Kharid as the entry point into the more extensive Kharidian desert.

    Given that a major expansion of the desert will be to be completed in the early part of 2022, which includes the legendary Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -- Jagex seems to be viewing this as a tiniest indication of what's next for the previous MMO.

    However, for the moment players can take advantage of a celebration of cooking, fishing and good old-fashioned treasure-hunting. Arnav who was waiting at the bank west of Al-Kharid palace, dug up an encasement full of treasures hidden in the city.

    In a series of clues similar to the clue scroll system, he asks players to complete three puzzles to find out where the chest is. Take a walk around the four statues guarding the central fountain within the courtyard of the palace Al-Kharid. Dance emotes, as the second hint will reveal itself.

    This anagram refers to Ranael who is the proprietor of the shops for plateskirts in the southeast region of the palace. She will give the player the third and final clue once she is spoken to. Zeke, the scimitar salesman located to the north of the palace. He sells iron, bronze and mithril variations from the weapon. If he is approached Zeke, he challenges the buyer with an additional challenge to count each balloon that is placed in and around his home.

    Larry is located near the oasis far north of the palace, which is near the gate leading to Al-Kharid. Larry oversees the fishing contest and will provide the player with the necessary fishing equipment to take part, however the man will fail to inform the participant that nothing can get caught within the Oasis. Big Dave, a fellow fisherman competing in the tournament has advised purchasing specialty lure at Ali Morrisane, a merchant situated to the east of the oasis.

    If you inquire on the subject, Morrisane may agree to offer barter in exchange for trade reports from Osman, the spymaster Osman. Note, however, of the three crates that Morrisane has within his stand. Osman will use this information to ask a security question.

    My Arm the Troll is organizing as well as judging the cook-off to which he wants things that are "exciting," "exotic," and, in a way, "not boring."

    Where the Cook states that his pizza was thrilling but it wasn't exotic enough to My Arm's taste, and The Wise Old Man's Banana was extravagant, but not enough to be intriguing the only way of action to cook something exciting and thrilling is to combine them into banana pizza with Buy RS Gold.