Madden nfl 23 AI Still Seems Broken

  • Far more concerning than the question of whether or not the weekly game plan works or not is the fact there still seems to be evident flaws to the coding of games' AI. A few of the problems that have popped up in Franchise games could simply be an issue of talent. It's a fact as a fact that some of the best wide receivers from Mut 23 coins might beat their opposition every now and often. The issue comes when a team's fourth receiver frequently beats the defense. It's the case when the fourth-stringer is running so open that there's no defender in the 20-yard range of him, or worse when it happens multiple times throughout a game. It's not about defenders being outrun, rather it's about a defender not seemingly being there despite playing the nickel or dime defense.

    Statistically speaking, the most successful football formations are those that have more than one tight-end in the field. Modern football has only put this together in the last decade and tight end numbers have shot up. In hindsight it ought to have been evident that somebody who acts as both a blocker and a receiver simultaneously is an instrument that cannot be overlooked.

    The idea is translated from real football to Madden nfl 23 perfectly. The opposing players can see tight ends and have no idea if they have to be covered or not. They can confuse the blitz. They get past coverage. They improve the running game. They get wide receivers open. And, of course the top players of the bunch score touchdowns with the ferocity of a lion.

    There are some other small imperfections and glitches that remove some of the realism from Madden nfl 23. The most frustrating part of the game is still an inability for the computer to detect when one team has done something similar to throw an interception. Every once in a while announcements will claim that the Bengals turned the ball over during their previous possession, even though they were not doing anything. Sometimes, the issue is that a pass play will be characterized as increasing a team's rushing yards.

    The good news here is the fact that no flaws or bugs that are that are present in Madden nfl 23 render it impossible to play, they are no game-breaking issues. However, having a receiver operating in a completely unprotected position could take some wind out of the game, in addition, Electronic Arts doesn't have a lot of flexibility in this regard. If there's already issues that are evident at the beginning and it's difficult not to wonder what things will be revealed when players begin to really get on the games. There's no doubt there's no doubt that Madden nfl 23 will be more enjoyable than madden nfl 23 coins. or Madden 20. However, it may not be enough for it to be rid of the stigma of one that has not been performing well over the past few years when compared to expectations.