Guide to the 2022 birthday event in Old School Runescape

  • The ninth anniversary of OSRS Buy Gold approaching on February 22 Developer Jagex has put together an event that will celebrate the version's longevity. The most notable thing is that the company has set the celebration in the desert town of Al-Kharid that is the gateway to the more extensive Kharidian desert.

    As a huge expansion of the desert is on the horizon in early 2022, with the most fabled Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -- Jagex is likely to view this event as a slight teaser for what's to come for the old , new MMO.

    But for now the players are able to enjoy a day that includes cooking, fishing and good old-fashioned treasure hunting. Arnav waiting in the bushes outside of the bank to the west of Al-Kharid palace hid in a treasure chest located in the city.

    In a series of hints which are similar to the clue-scroll system and challenges the player with solving a sequence of three riddles in order to discover where this chest is. Approach the four statues guarding the central fountain that is located in the courtyard of the palace Al-Kharid. Do the dance emote while the third clue is sure to emerge.

    This anagram is related to Ranael, the owner of the plateskirt shop in southeast the palace. She will provide the player with the third and final clue when they speak to. Zeke, the scimitar salesman located to the north of the palace, sells steel, bronze, iron, and mithril variants in the form of a sword. When he is spoken to the person, he rewards the purchaser with a further challenge to count each balloon that is placed in and around his home.

    Larry is in the oasis far north of the palace. He is located near the gate leading to Al-Kharid. Larry is in charge of the fishing competition and will supply the participant with the fishing equipment required for participation, but the man will fail to inform players that there is no way to get caught within the oasis. Big Dave, a fellow fisherman who is competing is a proponent of buying special bait at Ali Morrisane, a merchant located due east of the oasis.

    If you inquire regarding the lure, Morrisane would be willing to barter in exchange for Osman, the spymaster Osman. Note, however, of the three crates he has placed around his stand. Osman could use this info to ask a security question.

    My Arm the Troll is organizing for and conducting a judged cook-off, for which he demands some thing "exciting," "exotic," and, more or less, "not boring."

    In the case where the Cook claims his pizza was delicious but it wasn't exotic enough for My Arm's tastes and it is said that Wise Old Man's fruit was extravagant, but not enough for me The only proper course of action for cooking something interesting and exotic is to mix both into a banana pizza with RS Gold.