Stefon Diggs - Stefon Diggs -

  • As Justin Herbert stepped in to play for the Chargers Many believed that the season was not worth it with cheap mut 23 coins. In reality it was evident that Herbert was an improvement. Los Angeles fans had their new player.

    While Allen had a statistically mild year but he was in charge of dispersing the offense and also generating extra coverage. With the experience of a whole year in the mix, it's reasonable that Keenan's top years could be right around the corner.


    Michael Thomas - 94

    Last year, Michael Thomas had his season cut short following an ankle operation in the previous year However, in the year prior to that, he recorded an NFL all-time record 149 receptions while leading all receivers in yards he received in 2020-2021.

    Unfortunately, as Thomas is coming back, his quarterback, Drew Brees, has retired. While this is somewhat regrettable, anyone who is selected to be on the quarterback's committee for the Saints will be thrilled to have the NFL's toughest opponent to guard to be a weapon on day one.


    Julio Jones - 95

    Julio Jones is no stranger to the top wide receivers ranks; he's an annual installment. But this year is a new one; He's leaving Atlanta and moving to Tennessee. Fans will have to rub their eyes to be used to seeing this player in a new uniform after 10 years with the Falcons.

    It remains to be seen what happens if Tannehill can replicate the magical hands Jones and Matt Ryan had together, however, with hands similar to the one on Jones it's possible that 95 might actually be too low a rating for the next Hall of Fame wideout.


    Stefon Diggs - Stefon Diggs -

    Some players believed that Stefon Diggs was a beneficiary of the Minnesota Vikings team that had all these tools. Since he was the main receiver for Buffalo, how could he do? The answer: Just fine Thank you.

    It's helpful that your quarterback happens to be a top ten quarterback, but Diggs has earned an image in the absence of any system. His speed and ability to get open are among the best. And don't forget that he ranked first among all receivers this year in receiving yards as well as yards.


    Tyreek Hill - 98

    Players are constantly pushing for Madden to make changes to the game, but often it's the players who have the power to voice their demands. Tyreek Hill wasn't demanding that be included in the game his signature peace sign however his game was so extraordinary that the developers decided to take it on and added it to the game.

    15 touchdowns and 15 games resulted in the annual total for Hill who is not a stranger to huge plays with buy madden nfl 23 coins. Teams are double and tripling the coverage against Hill, but Patrick Mahomes manages to find him despite all of this.