Swap your gold without any doubts

  • If you're not an avid player of RuneScape, you do remember the changes that happened to the online game last year. Cheap OSRS Gold servers were launched and players were able to play at the start on the new servers. Everyone was very happy with the new servers, however there was a big issue many players held a huge amount of wealth in the accounts they had previously. The only solution to deal with this - locate a person who had gold on old RuneScape servers. Then, they could move the gold to RS3 servers. In this way you could both players swap their gold.

    Where was the time, when all the forums and websites were brimming with proposals to swap RuneScape gold. But it was difficult to find a reliable individual to swap with. There was no assurance that an individual wouldn't commit fraud. The situation changed slightly over time, and only players who were ranked could be considered to be reliable.

    There are some guidelines and you should know them, if you want to prevent yourself from getting cheated.

    Find a trustworthy person. You shouldn't be able to trust or offer money to a random person. If someone represents itself as an exchange service it isn't sure of the legitimacy of the service. The best option is to find a friend in reality who will be the swap with you.

    Don't attempt to trade gold with people who write in "swappers" chat or on livestream. They might offer the option of swapping gold, and they will claim that they are legitimate. There's a very good possibility that you'll exchange your gold but won't get anything back.

    Swapping gives the player to donate his funds to play in a new game. This is not cheating, thus it's not against all RuneScape rules. This means, that swapping is legit and you will not be banned for doing it. But, if you receive a bribe, the cheaters aren't banned and you'll be denied a refund.

    To summarize I would suggest that you find a good person, who is trustworthy with RuneScape 3 Gold. If this is not feasible you can look for websites that can arrange swapping for you.

    Have fun and good luck!