Definition of non-woven fabric and how to make it

  • Nonwovens are broadly defined as web-like structures bonded together by mechanically entangled fibers, thermally fused fibers, or chemically bonded fibers. Nonwovens are more precisely defined by various institutions.

    The most commonly cited of these is the definition of the International Association of Nonwovens and Disposables: Nonwovens are sheets, nets or rods of natural or man-made fibers or filaments, excluding paper, which have not bonded to each other in any of these ways.

    Nonwovens are not made by weaving or knitting, nor do they require converting fibers into yarns. Nonwovens are engineered fabrics that can be either disposable or very durable.

    Nonwoven fabric manufacturing can be simply described as a series of manufacturing steps including forming a web, entangling or bonding fibers in the web to impart mechanical integrity to the structure and converting the fabric to impart some special properties to the fabric as specified by the customer.