What does the low battery warning of the 4g car gps tracker mea

  • 4g car gps tracker began to slowly enter the sight of drivers and friends, everyone wants to get more other functions while choosing the tracker. But do you really know all the other functions? For example, what is the practical effect of the low battery alarm of the 4g car gps tracker you can see? In fact, the low battery alarm of 4g car gps tracker has two meanings:

    1. 4g car gps tracker battery low battery alarm

    The first type of meaning means that when the battery in the 4g car gps tracker is about to be exhausted, in order to better avoid the situation that the location cannot be located due to the exhaustion of power, most of the 4g car gps trackers are wireless, and the tracker will be in the battery. Push a low-battery alert to the car owner before it is about to be exhausted, so that the car owner can charge the battery of the tracker as soon as possible.

    When the device pushes a low battery alarm, what needs to be done: (1) When a wireless charging device receives a low battery warning message, it must complete charging as soon as possible; (2) When a wireless charging-free device receives a low battery warning message Equipment must be replaced early.

    Special attention: After enabling the real-time positioning of the wireless locator, the power will be consumed quickly. When it is not an emergency, it is recommended to turn off the real-time positioning and select the once-a-day positioning mode.

    2. Vehicle battery low battery warning

    Yes, the second type of low-power alarm is mainly for warning the vehicle's battery. Most of these locators are wired 4g car gps trackers. This type of locator will automatically identify the battery level of the vehicle, and when it detects that the battery is about to run out, it will actively push a low-battery alarm message to the owner.

    This kind of battery low battery alarm function is actually for the protection of the battery, and because this is an alarm implemented by the locator for the vehicle battery, this type of alarm function is also called "external low battery warning function".

    Therefore, when you buy a 4g car gps tracker, if you especially want this kind of locator with low battery warning function, you must first communicate with the customer service, or read the detailed information yourself to avoid misunderstanding of the function concept.

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