RuneScape - The stats don't degrade gradually

  • It's about 90,000 per 15 hours. Much less if it's done in your house and OSRS gold you actually possess a medium level of smithing (50 for instance, will make it cost ~70k). Let's make it a round number to 100k, just as we're rounding down Torag's cost to 300k instead of 340k. The sum of 86*15 is 1,290. That's how many hours you'd have to be fighting the thing (not just wearing it) before you spent as much on it as you would for a dragon platebody.

    To give an example, 200 hours is an inordinate amount of time to attain a level of 99. This degrades in combat. Not just wearing it. The stats don't degrade gradually. They're great, and they end when it drops from 25% to the 0% mark. I'm not sure why you will pay a lot more than a lower quality piece of armor solely on the necessity of shelling out tiny amounts of cash each day for 15 hours of combat. The reason that dragon plates are priced so high has nothing to do with have anything to do with their usefulness: it's simply because they're difficult to find.

    If not, I'll be buying an BGs, and then the claws of D along with any extra cash... After that, the rest of cash goes to leveling mage, pray, summ, or herby. Ndy: Got 90 Str today.. I'm not going to train on that for quite a while.. It won't be until I reach 85 def and 90 atk. (From an 80 or 85 ..), and 70 range, and possibely even to veng..

    Then, by then, I'd have the chance to get a cr. Also, I could afford Sarasword simple.. Alrdy have full torags and full veracs for my pump my tank (full inside of 3 sharks and other super sets as well as the ppots that pray offence..)

    The only gloves that are worth buying are the barrows gloves.. Also, getting all the stats, quest requirements and stats for them is going to take at least 2 months of questing and acquiring skills.. I'd rather not. My classes are in full swing too. What do you think of the fact that I don't use Ags now? Bgs is used for pking and Clw during breaks.. Bgs combination of spec and dh kills pwn. Sarasword's FAAYYYLLLS when pvp.. And runescape gold 2007 as I said before, when I train str, it'll take place with the Cr.