Madden 22 - Solo Battles became my favourite mode

  • Solo Battles became my favourite mode because it allowed me to Madden 22 coins play matches against computers at ever-increasing difficulty with Competitive settings. Within a short time, I was at a point that I could blowout an player on Pro and win at All-Pro however I struggle on All-Madden. It's obviously more difficult as you're up with a real-life human opponent However, people are more prone to errors and impatience which computers do not have.

    So I scored my first win of the season this week, an 18-14 win against a player that I'd argue was probably roughly on the same level as me , and perhaps a little bit better. As I said above However, they had a lack of perseverance: they didn't punt the ball in any situation, even on fourth-andlong, and made some erratic calls. To be honest I was convinced that I'd slump to a loss in the event that they got an offside kick from the kick-off in the beginning. I subsequently gave up a touchdown, but I refused to give up.

    I was able to score two points and a touchdown conversion in my first drive and I then scored a field goal at the halfway point giving me a 11-6 lead at the half. I began the second half with another touchdown and, from there, I remained focused on not allowing any big plays. While I conceded scores of touchdowns and a 2 point conversion in the second half, I was able, in the end, to eat enough clock to see the game through, being aware that my opponent would require an end-of-game touchdown in their final game.

    I'll admit that my victory did feel a little hollow because my opponent's resentment ultimately led to me losing the ball. If he'd acted less aggressively, I think he was probably a better player and could have beat me.

    Additionally, we had teams that were fairly evenly matched as the higher-level Ultimate Team players basically rely on the qualities of specific cards. And while I have a very good team, I don't have the most talented team. I'm not able to complain about pay-towin but the fact is that you could give the majority of Madden NFL stars a team of just 80 total players and cheap Mut 22 coins they'd beat my team of 90s.