RuneScape - If you're not doing it completed it

  • If this is not the case , then think about OSRS GP what you'd like it to accomplish, I couldn't understand what you were asking but I tried my best. I don't know where you've been, but there's that button on the bank which shows your equipment in a single press... As long as it's 1:1 I do not see the need to be concerned because Jagex themselves added hotkey's for creating F1 and other hotkeys. I didn't even know that existed, so there's no need to feel like a jerk about it...

    It's still a problem that you are getting more than one output per key press. It is impossible to do that unless you are hacking the game's applet to add extra key bindings. You can do it with an external program , however that is not a single input to one output. That's one input (Esc or F10) to multiple outputs (cursor movement and clicking.) All you have to accomplish is to make Esc do the mouse click, which makes it pointless since you could achieve that using Mousekeys.

    If you're not doing it completed it, do Royal Trouble because it lets you add more money to the coffers. I'm assuming you won't active for long periods of time, so, whenever you can, put 7.5m within the bank account (talk advisor Ghrimm and select "Manage") as well as adjust Maples at MAX for workers, and herbals to 50% of the workers.

    This way, you can stay for 90+ days without collecting anything from your kingdom but still earn the maximum amount of money. Personally, I put in 750,000+ (75k*8) and just make sure to collect it every Wednesday. It will lose appeal and isn't going to be at its highest. It used to be that I checked it every day to completely max out but I now checked it every couple of days.

    Do Royal Trouble then, like Kemo said, 100 herbs and 50 maples equals consistency 100 maples 50 herbs can get you some really beautiful weeks with seeds. That's exactly what I was referring to. I'm always forgetting the distinction from buy RuneScape gold the other. Additionally, I'm pretty certain it's only important if the approval is 100% when you collect it, not everyday.