Bridesmaid Dresses That Pop: Because Your Wedding Party Shouldn

  • The whole matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses tradition started in an attempt to defend against bad luck: With her 'maids dressed up in white, the bride to be was said to be protected from evil spirits, who would not be able to tell the women apart. These days bridesmaids wear color, generally, consider the dresses are usually in a muted shade, the 'maids often blend in with the scenery throughout the ceremony. And at the reception—where all of the women are wearing dresses—the bridesmaids blend in with everyone else.

    That won't happen, however, if you choose a bright, bold dress for the bridesmaids. Bride Caren picked this Mara Hoffman dresses on her best friends, plus they couldn't have looked prettier.

    I think everything works for several reasons:

    Everything else concerning the bridesmaids' look is muted: ultra-simple flowers, minimal accessories, natural makeup, and loose waves. If there have been wild bouffants, statement jewelry, or cascading bouquets, it might start to seem like sensory overload.

    The guys are way toned down. In classic monochrome, they're an ideal backdrop of these dresses.

    The bride's dress is ultra simple. If Caren had picked a blinged-out ball gown having a sweeping train, you would not know where you can look. But her sleek, chic wedding gown (the Nisha by Vera Wang) plays perfectly from the busy bridesmiad gowns. (Nisha is among the wedding dresses that Vera sent on the runway in bright pink. (See it here.) I think that will have been overkill.)

    The wedding party is small. What looks beautiful on four girls would admittedly look bonkers if there had been 14 bridesmaids.


    Here's a fast rundown of some wedding details: Caren and her groom, Michael, were married on March 14 at Sparrows Lodge in Palm Springs, California. These photos are by Chloe Moore Photography. (I spotted pics in the wedding on her behalf Instagram.)

    Would you place your bridesmaids in boldly patterned plus size bridesmaid dresses?

    I think it is a great way to allow them to shine.

    PS: You don't have to such as the concept, but please keep your comments civilized and do not criticize girls above. These are a genuine couple's wedding pictures.