The Perfect Wedding Dress Fit

  • Your Wedding is an essential day of your lifetime, and also the dress needs to be perfect. Whether it’s designed to measure or altered for you the dress must fit correctly.


    Does it look great or are you currently having to alter your posture to get the gown to look ‘right’? Holding an unnatural posture all day long will be tiring and uncomfortable so be sure you can relax. Don’t be in a position to attention and inhale, just stand normally and find out how it looks. Click

    Every angle

    Check the meghan markle wedding dress from every angle, there shouldn't be wrinkles or creases appearing. The back look at a Bridal Gown is on the show for your guests so the back must appear to be good because of the front. Make sure that the gown fits from every viewpoint.


    Move around inside your dress. Walk around the showroom and make sure the gown is manageable. Make sure you get to test sitting down and that the gown works for you. Get yourself some music and also have a dance! Your dress should move along with you, therefore if it feels as though it’s fighting in those days there might be an issue. Check your dress doesn’t rise, twist around or slide down.

    Danger points

    Strapless, Backless, and Halter style dresses could be particularly tricky to obtain a good fit so make sure there’s no gaping or unwanted exposure. Make sure that a great friend checks you're still decent and never showing a lot more than you want to.


    This is an essential day of your lifetime, so insist upon perfection.