Kante has been an elite FIFA defensive midfielder for quite som

  • FIFA Mobile Coins states: "When my depth is high I'm looking for my opponent to be pushed by me, that's my game style and what I want." Setting your tactics in advance could have a major impact on the game. You can easily change your tactics if one is not working. "If you are losing 2-0 half time and not pressing enough, go with the technique of 'pressure on heavy touch' or 'press after possession loss'. "This year pressing can be extremely effective. I recommend it. Also, 70th minute and then losing, 'constant pressure' is key," MsDossary advises.

    "Whatever you guys feel at ease with, I suggest sticking with it. "Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice and acquainting yourself with your preferred tactics.The Beast from the Middle East.Nicknamed "The Beast from the Middle East," Musaed "MsDossary" Al Dossary is a former FIFAe World Champion and currently playing for Tundra Esports.One of the biggest names in FIFA esports, MsDossary has lifted three FUT Champions Cups with his most awaited moment in 2018 when he won the FIFA eWorld Cup, but he isn't finished.Still very much at the top of his game, MsDossary has sailed through the FIFA Global Series West Asia Qualifiers, securing a 10-0 Grand Final win, and is currently ranked no.1 on PlayStation in the West Asia rankings.

    The three What If upgrade favorites you have to purchase.

    Kante has been an elite FIFA defensive midfielder for quite some time now and this What If card is his greatest to date.

    EA announces Carniball will be available in FIFA 21. But what is this going to mean for the console version of the football simulation game?

    Carniball is Back.It's the news we've all wanted to hear, Carniball is making an appearance in FIFA 21.EA confirmed the news via their official FIFA Mobile account this evening.As as of right now, it's the only FIFA Mobile that has had the promo officially announced however, what do buy FIFA Mobile Coins mean for the potential launch of the promo on PlayStation and Xbox?