• Glass-cleaning NBA 2K22 MT

    There is no superior center build compared to Glass-Cleaning Finisher. This even-split, blue and red construct, offers you hall of fame finishing and defensive badges so that you can make a huge effect on the two ends of the ground. This build gives you access to all the touch dunks and dunk packages all the way around 6'10, which can be insanely tall for the amount of finesse you'll have completing in the stand. As this isn't a shooting build, you are able to max out the wingspan, giving you to an additional 10 inches. Even though you're not as tall as the 7' bigs, your wingspan constitutes for the elevation discrepancy, making you feel well over seven feet tall. This will help you safeguard the paint and guard perimeter scorers, such as the stretch bigs, over seven foot centres would. Giannis Antetokounmpo is your nearest real life case to this build.


    One of the newer builds in 2K22, Slasher plays like Kobe Bryant, using a blue and green pie graph that's thicker on the blue. Greater finishing than shooting is much far better than an even split because finishing allows for greater ball handling and athleticism, which makes it a more impactful build on both ends of the court. It is more difficult to take the lights out in this season's 2K, therefore having a higher specialty in completing is a more affordable path to take as an even split pie chart will have less finishing, while their shooting will not be up to par with the other great shooting builds. We recommend you apply this build to a shooting guard since you will be awarded more badges than every other position.

    NBA 2K22 Review

    You hear this mentioned about annualized sports games every year, but this season it's much more truth to it than normal: NBA 2K22 is more of the same. That's great in a few ways: none of all those minor changes have done anything to spoil the unique on-court encounter, which accurately emulates the drama and fashion of NBA basketball. Obviously, it reproduces the sins of its predecessor as well: Off the court, NBA 2K22 stays a disjointed mess and riddled with noxious pay-to-win microtransactions that leave a bad taste in my mouth. The addition of shot-stick aiming along with a MyCareer reskin are fine improvements, but it's becoming more difficult to ignore the lack of updates to crucial game modes while the concentrate on monetization only intensifies.

    Between the baskets, MT 2K22 comes with a couple of small upgrades but is otherwise exceptionally familiar if you've played some of those recent-year iterations. My favorite improvement is the new shot-stick aiming, which allows for the challenge of actually organizing shots rather than simply timing them. The best part is that it's really hard to grasp and also resets the learning curve for experienced players in an effective way, and hitting a green shooter -- that requires nailing the goal in the meter which appears if you hold down the ideal stick -- is tremendously satisfying.