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  • Additionally, you RS Gold increase your Kingdom approval by planting a Spirit Tree on Etceteria. This allows you to fill the Dry Patch and farm the bush patch while also increasing your Kingdom approval. The XP rate for farming can't be determined per hour except for some minigames. It is based on your actual time. I do not ever exceed 1 Tree run per day, however should you choose to do it, that adds to XP per day.

    You can log into RS to perform an agricultural run while playing in the Real Life MMORPGTM. This can save you more than 30 minutes and still give you a lot in XP to farm. If you log into RS for nothing else farming, you can get an equivalent XP rate of over 1m per hour in-game. Before Willow Trees there was a XP rate was low, which could dissuade new players attracted to farming.

    There is a new option to train Farming similarily to most other skills (repeatedly clicking), also known as the Livid Farm. Unfortunately this also makes Farming much more bottable and will diminish the value of 99 Farm. Therefore... What is your opinion on Farming?

    F2p Skiller Guide. Matamurem is my name and I have written this guide to help you to learn some skills that F2P members are able to use. Once i get membership and become a member, the other abilities will be added. Constructive Critisism is VERY wanted...

    Rune Med Helms. The cost is around 100 million gold, but you'll make half of it back if you work hard enough. Med Helms are available for sale at 11.4k, if the market fluctuates. Platebodies are priced the identical to Med Helms however they will retail at 39.5k.

    Runecrafting 99. Air runes can be an easy way to earn money. You will get 308 runes per 28 RC. Each rune is available for 5 gold. It is 308*5=1540 dollars for a load. If you do 100 loads, you'll get 154000gp. You can make quick money and get the essence cheaply when you're a mage. The essence can be mined at the aubry teleporter for free, which is the easiest method of gaining RC.

    After keying many times (since 70 Dg) I came up with some rules for raiders and keyers. This is my guideline, but please improve. You can use the mark option to control the gds, the skill door and skill rooms.

    Gatestones can be used to secure items that you as a keyer can't open on your own, (prioritize gds or any rooms needed whole team first, and then skill rooms/doors/ keys). As long as there are no doors open, stay away from the group as much possible. Keep track of keying positions (write it down if you want). It is also possible to be able to access the map and find the key entrances, rooms and gds.

    Can you discern two gds? These are able to be prioritized and compared to your map to determine which leads to more doors. Is there a free gate? It could be used to reverse doors that you believe will lead to a de. Your team can either ask you to drop at the ggs if you're hungry or "ggs heal" according to your speed. Team in gd but need door open? Lock the door you need to and gtgd. Request 1 teammate for a gate that is free to ensure the gd is secured. Take ggs to the skill door and request the keyer to return it.

    Do you have to unlock a door, but the gate is closed? There are two options to choose from: move your gate to the closest of both doors or memorize the location and move it to the point where your team is nearer. Find cosmics and tools as soon as you can. No altar, no pray? You can request your team members to create one, or you could be dead. Dont's never skill, never ever do it. If you're required to do it by closed doors, don't do gds.

    Don't ever offer your boss anything unnecessary. This includes food, potions and runes that are not required. Summoning familiars is not worth it. Only the rager is capable of summoning them. Make sure your pet is safe (farm plots, fishing spots, etc).

    Always feed the person who you're asked to. This is because they will take more harm (proved in the end-at-gd program, where keyer always has "meat shield award") So it is important to not keep food in your fridge.

    No money, tools and cosmics right now later buy as soon as u get money. When most of the group isn't willing to pray, build an altar. Gate without being asked to do so! It's a huge help, and it pays off in large amounts. Keep your keys in the keyers inventory. If you can, inform the gate you are using. Don't forget to announce the doors that are closed. If you spot a gd immediately, do it.

    If you're being told that you must make pots, do it. Keyer requested that you give him a door to open when you are in the gd? well ggs of course since opening the door leads to rooms faster than gds do, dont forget to secure your first spot. Always listen to Keyser! I can't stress this enough. Are you looking for more?

    It's a combnation between metals and irons. I don't know what the drop comes from which dragon. I think it's around 100 irons and 110 steels. Took me like 5 hours, 2 trips, 6k blood runes with the fire wave spell. (83 magic at this moment. Subscribe to get more logs. You can continue if you wish! If you have any suggestions, please PM me in this topic. I'm not the greatest player but i hope i can assist. (You can also add my name in the game'Tnx Buddy'. Just tell me the reason.

    Andrew might be available to design T-shirts. Andrew has experience with Photoshop, graphic design, and general "artsy" skills. If you'd like to pay a modest fee, I am simply curious to know who would be interested.

    Yes, I realize that some of you might not be interested. I'm wearing it for the attraction. Andrew doesn't know I signed him up. Again, this is just a test. This is more of a "what's the matter with this; are they any good?" This is a thread I think. The Runescape3 Accounts could have been organized better before I posted it. Oh well!