The Grand Market of RuneScape Old School

  • RuneScape Old School was released on February 23, 2013. The game is essentially a parallel version of the original RuneScape. However, although the game had a smaller development team compared to the original game, it still has a larger player base than RuneScape. Since the game's release, it has received various engine improvements, new content, and much more. This is the reason the game is still alive and still works today.

    For those who don't know, there is a large market in RuneScape Old School called the Grand Market. This is the market where thousands of players can buy and sell OSRS Items. In addition, the market is so overcrowded that the prices of the items change regularly. The price of the item depends on its demand. The higher the demand for an item, the more expensive it will be. And that still forces players to either buy OSRS Gold safely or earn it somehow.

    Expensive items in the Grand Marché

    In addition to the regular items, there are some special items in the Grand Market that are really hard to get. In fact, only a few players are able to acquire them using OSRS Gold when they are available. What makes them different from other items is that they offer special benefits that can help players in the game. For this very reason, these special items are in high demand.

    The value of these special items is always high in the market. The constant changes of the Great Market have no effect on their value. Today we're going to talk about the five most expensive items in RuneScape Old School.

    3 rd age Arc

    To begin with, we have the 3rd arc age. This bow was added to the game in June 2014, and it was meant to be a reward in the Treasure Trails. What makes this bow special is that it allows you to shoot accurately at the target, no matter how far away it is. It also deals a lot of damage per shot while still allowing you to shoot any type of arrows. This means that you can shoot any type of arrows through this bow without worrying about the range. Keep in mind that you will need a range level of 65 before you can use this bow.

    The 3 rd Age Bow has a market price of 890M Gold. This bow is somewhat difficult to acquire due to its high demand, nor is it readily available in stores. However, once you have it, you won't regret your decision as it can help you defeat powerful opponents.

    The Shield of the Elyos Spirit

    The Elyos Spirit Shield is yet another expensive item in the Old School RuneScape. He is considered to be probably the best defense element in the entire game. The shield is so powerful that it can block almost any attack. The reason for its strength is that it is a combination of an Elyos Sigil and Spirit Shield. To use it, you will need to be level 75 in defense.

    This powerful shield is priced at 645M Gold. His special ability is to reduce incoming damage to 25%.

    The Elyos Sigil

    The Elyos Sigil was introduced on October 16, 2014. The reason for its high demand can be seen above. Combined with a Spirit Shield, you can form an Elyos Spirit Shield, which is again the strongest defense item available in the game.

    The price of the Sigil of Elyos is approximately 642M Gold. To combine it with a Spirit Shield, you will need to be level 90 in Prayer and 85 in Strike.

    The 3rd age pickaxe

    The 3rd Age Pickaxe is considered the most requested item of the 3rd Age Pickaxe. It was added to the game in July 2016, and since then it has been a big deal for many players. It is not available in stores because it was introduced as a reward for the Sentiers du Trésor. To use this pickaxe, you must be level 65 in the attack.

    The price of this pickaxe is 892M Gold.

    The twisted arc

    Widely known as the most expensive item in old school RuneScape, the twisted bow was introduced on January 5, 2017. This bow offers amazing benefits. For example, the amount of damage this bow deals with each hit is equal to the opponent's magic level. This means that you will get a powerful hit at all costs.

    The price of this bow is around 998M RuneScape Gold. Although the cost can be high, this weapon can help you get out of almost any situation.