A charitable giveaway is perfectly good.

  • Are you going to stick with Do you prefer a Granite Body, or RS gold is there another option I'm not even yet aware of? Is it worth investing to get Verac's Brassard for instance? Barrows armor is quite good and it is likely to weigh less than granite and includes pretty good prayer benefits (not the reason you'd require them).

    In the long run, repair will cost more than the cost of the Bandos chestplate if you just frequently make use of Barrows however it will last a really long time especially if you do not engage in any combat. In terms of training, it's fairly good, and 15 hours is quite a bit of time and experience. Absolutely worth it if cannot afford Bandos immediately, as the first 1 mil, and then another ~1 mil every fifteen hours is a decent price.

    A little bit of investigation indicates that a body on its own is 270k to repair at Bob. which should give you an idea of the cost of Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I'm not sure how to determine the amount of repairs you'll need (mostly because I'm just not in good health today) until you get to 270000 (or less when you're using a POH armor stand) But it is a lot of lives. This is bolded in order to avoid my derpy ramblings You should Make sure you invest in Barrows.

    I have about 7 RS Member Accounts that I received as a gift from an other forum and I was thinking to run a contest, however, is it legal to give away RS accounts? If yes, which forum should I make it? I would say it's dependent on what exactly you plan to accomplish.

    Are you able to offer an authentic RuneScape account? The answer is no, it's trading in the account and is considered RWT by Jagex's rules which we adhere to. Is it possible to offer subscription codes that are derived from pre-paid cards bought at shops? Maybe, take a look below for more details.

    If you plan to distribute pre-paid cards, then it is not allowed if the recipients give anything in exchange for the gift card. This could include but is not restricted to, them giving you in-game goods, giving the player real money or even having them click links (and similar schemes) to give you the opportunity to get a referral from somewhere. In fact, for them to do anything other than quietly just receive the code would mean it was not permitted.

    If you are talking about the possibility of a sign-up area where people can sign-up and later draw random numbers and send the winners the prize (with the no-strings attached or without anything else) this could be considered to be acceptable.

    A charitable giveaway is perfectly good. The exchange of favors, however isn't. We're talking about subscription codes, I have about seven subscription codes (I think but i need to confirm) that I haven't used so I decided to give them for those who can't afford one.

    I was thinking to do similar to this: Create a thread on the giveaway and then I will make a post asking questions like. Why should I grant you a Membership? Why do you like Runescape? What do you plan to do with the Membership? These questions will be cheap OSRS gold a breeze for me to pick the winner and hinder members from selling their code or to keep lazy spammers from purchasing these codes.