It is true that you can earn more money

  • If you're looking for food take a trip to world 1 in which people are power fishing, offering free trout/salmon. Magic: Train on the mage dumbies until it stops you from doing it. You will by then obtained the required level of magic to be able to cast some curses. Make these curse spells for RS gold the Zamorak monk who is in Varrock Castle. Varrock Castle, which is located in front of the stairs.

    When you reach the threshold ( I believe it is 25, I believe it is) you can cast the Curse spell on your Zamorak monk. After you reach the desired level you are able to also superheat (really quick xp and you can break even if you create Steel bars) in addition to high alch. Do not pray and keep your attack at 40 (45 in the event that you achieve the gravite 2h).

    Well, glacors drop three expensive sets of boots - I believe they're 8M, 15M , and 22M. They are dropped in the average (from what I've heard I'm not sure - correct me if I'm not) once every 500-1000 kills. Glacors may not be the fastest things to kill (albeit they aren't the most slow by far).

    Lets say, then, Glacors are dropping around. 15 million per 500 kills. I'm using the word "500" because there are other drops (notably shreds) and this can help to account for those drops.

    Barrows items are dropped, at an average of 1:15 iirc. The items vary from 50K to 1.7M at present. Most of them are below the 1M mark and below however, a small percentage are in the upper 1M. Therefore, let's assume 1M every 15 runs - this accounts for runes and other items in addition to. Barrows is very affordable and you'll end up with plenty of death runes and blood spare if you use Polypore (which you should).

    It is true that you can earn more money from Glacors. But there are a couple of disadvantages. Glacors are at a higher chance of death. In reality, it's not too difficult to live, but Barrows has become a joke in that department. tongue.png If you are lucky, you're definitely not making any money.

    In Barrows there are a lot of items, and the average might be priced at 700k/piece or somethingsimilar, you're earning a decent bit of money from runes. My last barrows streak, I made 6M in barrows ' equipment. I then looked at my runes, and they were 2.5M. You are always earning money, however with Glacors it's extremely easy to lose money until you can get some boot drops or buy osrs infernal cape fragments to build an Armadyl Battlestaff.