I see a massive crash of Dbones. I'm predicting

  • I'd suggest also working on your statistics. Not just combat , but the abilities as well. Because it is a waste of time when a keyer is opening an entrance and discovers that you have to RS gold trim vines but you don't have the necessary skills, so you'll need to call an individual to assist you in this door. Sometimes, they do not have an instrument. So that saves time too. It's for the combat aspect. This is mostly for strength/defence. It is only Strength that you can use for the force bar entrance or any other room that requires this skill. After that, you'll need Defence to get better armor or tank for bigger monsters.

    You must also realize taking time to get skilled at this and each dungeon is unique, so there are different ways of going about it. In the new version, I believe it could become easier than before. Because if you can find unhooded teams of 125+ with 90+ Dungeoneering doing occult floors then that aids. You'd then have to make a deal with whoever was doing say floor 38. Because that was the only floor you could leave.

    I'm sure my Dungeoneering skills are lower than yours/you may be able to be able to key faster than me, but I think this is a great idea and has some sense to it. There are also a lot of little details to keying, like gating doors or leaving the ggs out and so on. However, it takes a some time and when you continue to work on it , you'll get it.

    Sure, choccy, however, thanks for your assistance regardless, and the main reason why i key is to find teams quickly on 148. Without fighting prejudice. I'd quit keying after reaching 3bo (unless you are absolutely sure that nobody is keying and everyagrees with me that i should be able to be able to)

    I get too much wrong team members... Sometimes it takes a long time to get to a door. Sometimes a person does not reveal what gated he is or it takes a long time to teleport. The majority of the time there is no one to listen to pot making or when I ask to gate or such and such, sometimes there is also a gd. The issue of skill is still present in 148. I cannot trust teams from 148. Therefore, I just basically do dungeons myself, (moving ggs everytime, running keys , etc. ...)

    I see a massive crash of Dbones. I'm predicting that they might go as low as 2K. In the end maybe even more than 2k. Prayer is among those skills severely dependant on updates when it comes to increasing in price. For instance, when Piety is launched, prices go up, with 1000 gold prices increasing in the span of one day.

    Why? There's not a lot of bones in circulation, everyone desires them, however supply is drained and prices skyrocket to keep up. As long as there's not any new information released which makes high prayer mandatory, it'll decrease steadily. Once you've started seeing new content for osrs firecape service prayer that calls for a higher prayer level (70-99) and it will increase once more.