I know that the ss is recommended for training


    Can you sell it in order to pay for a level like 85 herblore? No. If he's not got OSRS GP funds at all There's nothing to buy back. Could you earn more for the time spent in acquiring it? Yes. There's no way that you'll be able to earn enough cash to buy BCP in the time it takes to get a torso.

    In the end: Torso is not worth purchasing. Period. When you're not able to have cash on hand, it's an excellent alternative. One of the main disadvantages I've seen for slayer is the small reward for prayers. The cost of defense bonus is negligible. Are you able to prove it? The average money maker is approximately 1m per hour. The inexperienced players that long to master BA and then they'd be able to afford BCP.

    I have never mentioned that the def-related bonus mattered. If you read my other threads, I prefer str to def anyday of the week. The fact is that you cannot return torsos which means that the point is not significant. I'm sure that "average" money-maker is less than one million per hour. There are only a handful of methods to make that much.

    There were too many bots on AZs that I only manage to earn 50k/hr. Many slayer tasks provide an average of 80k-plus xp per hour. I'm not aware one single slayer task with a rate of 80k xp/hour. Just click at the right moment at AZS and you'll not face any problems. It's not that people don't bot slayer as well.

    I am currently at 100k exp from 99 woodcutting, and thought I would get an Saradomin sword. I was thinking I might as well make a topic on this forum and find out what everyone's opinions are, on whether or not I should purchase the ss, or the one that is bgs, meaning they are in the same price bracket right now. I have a whip and dragon defender right now, but I can't train strength with them and I'm a fan of 2h weapons. In fact, I'm hitting pretty much exactly the same using a ss as I do with the whip anyways.

    It means I am at my 99th woodcutting and I am getting bored with doing things So I'm probably planning to play some PVP related mini-games. Like clan wars. Or I might do some sort of quest or money-making, in addition to some classes every occasionally. I've never "grinded" and have done what ever I wanted to. Therefore, I am suffering by cutting wood for months on end. There's nothing better after grinding then to kill each other off.

    I know that the ss is recommended for training however the bgs would be more for bosses and Pking. So I'm guessing that this will be the case with the ss. But like I said , I'ven't updated since a while and was looking for an excuse to make a post :D And probably with my level of being less than 80, it could be the ss. But it's still a good idea to start a conversation. Once I've completed the last 100k in woodcutting exp, I'm going to make some money by battling blue dragons and whips for buy RS gold a bit. If you are able to suggest a different weapon please let me know.