It was during the NFL season New York Giants

  • The video game portion of your return to Madden is celebrating Nike's legendary Bo Knows campaign. Let us go back to the beginning. How did the brand introduce the concept of Madden 22 coins Bo Knows to you?

    We came across Bo Knows accidentally. Directors, writers, sketchers We were sitting around going over some storyboards for our next shoot. We decided to trim the length of the script because it was slightly too long. Everyone was giving their opinions about this or this. I said, "Why can't we do this? ... How don't we move this to the other side, then put it together, and then cut it down to 5 or 6 seconds?' They looked to me in awe and then replied "Wow. It's likely to work. Someone across the table glanced at me and said 'Bo Knows!' And it stuck. It was not like anyone sat around and washed their heads or stayed up late with that phrase. It happened while sitting at the war table , discussing shoots.

    Before you had an iconic shoe, that was the Nike Air Bo Turf, in 1990, you were the headliner of the Nike Air Trainer 3, that became known as your shoe. What are your memories concerning the Air Trainer 3?

    Well, I'll put it in this way. In 1969 my time in the first grade of my life in rural Alabama in the winter, it was between 30 and 40 degrees out. And I had to go to school barefoot. No shoes. I'm not saying this to gain empathy or as a sob story. But I remember my brother standing a block away from his house. I'm at the front entrance. My other sister stood just a short distance from him,, and my other sister was waiting at the bus stop. My sister was waiting at the bus stop noticed the bus at the top of the hill a couple of miles away from her, she'd yell to my other sister. She would yell to my brother, and then my brother would yell at me. Then I'd walk out of the door in barefoot. At the point that my brother was able to reach my sister's house I'd be able to catch him by the time he reached me. When we finally got to the bus stop, I was 15 to 20 yards in front of my sister and brother. From schooling barefoot in the winter of '69 until growing up and sporting an athletic shoe that was inspired by my own ... I felt fortunate.

    After 30 odd years, people are still bragging about that shoe and want to collect that shoe. A couple of weeks ago I had a friend from mine Anthony Anderson, the comedian, texted me: Hey, Bo! I'm doing a show about all my sneakers. I can't find any Air-Trainers from you. I need a pair of your shoes It just happened that I had the shoes in my office. I said, 'Hey, well, I got one of these here. I'll send those to your address. It's these moments that when I'm able to sit in my chair and think, 'Wow!.'

    It was during the NFL season New York Giants running back and Nike star Saquon Barkley received his very own model of the Air Trainer 3. What was it like to observe him pay homage you by wearing the sneakers?

    I blessed him with these shoes. It was like me saying"Grasshopper! It's my moment to carry this torch. It's up to you to do it in a professional manner.' I know that Saquon will do a great job of that. Saquon is a great kid. He reminds me of a number of my own. Runs with cheap Mut 22 coins power and has his head straight. That's what impresses me the most. It's not the stats. I like the way he conducts himself.